The Devil And The Baptists


E. G. Cook

Former Pastor - Philadelphia Baptist Church

Birmingham, Alabama

(Now In Glory)


For nigh onto two thousand years now the old devil has been on the trail of the Baptists. For some fifteen centuries he tried to wipe them off the face of the earth. But after untold thousands of them had been fed to hungry lions, burned at the stake, beheaded, or buried alive he woke up to the fact that all this just made the Baptists shine all the more brightly. He saw that he was defeating his own purpose. So, in the sixteenth century he opened up his bag of tricks and started the process of weakening the Baptists by means of imitating. He soon

learned that his new churches were working wonders on this thing of Baptist separation from the world. As a result of this, many Baptists were feeling over-confident by the middle of the nineteenth century. They no longer put on all the armour of God as they were commanded in Eph. 6:10-17. As a result of their over-confidence and lack of proper armour, old Satan was able to get a foothold in Baptist Churches. Very soon he made them feel that he was doing them a great favor by his taking over some of the duties that no one but the Lord of glory, who is head over all things to His church, had a right to perform. So long as Baptists looked to the Lord to guide them, He led each church into the study of that part of His Scriptures that the individual church needed most. But, when they turned that part of their church activity over to old Satan he did a wonderful job of selling them on the idea of everybody in his new churches, and in the Baptist Churches studying the same Scriptures at the same time. On the surface this seemed a wonderful thing. No matter where you might attend church you could know before you arrived just what Scriptures would be in the lesson for that day. As we said, that seemed to be a wonderful thing, and Baptists really fell for it. But, let us scrape the thin surface shell off this thing and give it a thorough examination. Would you dare say that all these Baptist Churches were in the same spiritual condition, and that they all needed the same teaching? In II Tim. 3:16 we learn that, along with other things, the Scriptures are profitable for correction. If your church has some erroneous doctrine creeping into her midst, and my church has an altogether different one creeping in, who would say that our churches needed the same treatment? Still that is what the old devil is prescribing. It's like a physician prescribing the same medication for his pneumonia patient that he does for his diabetic patient. That is why erroneous doctrines have flourished so in our Baptist churches. The one who is prescribing the remedy does not want them corrected.

Now that the old devil had his filthy feet firmly set in the Baptist churches and was making them like it, he was ready to go to work on them. As soon as he got this firm foothold he began to gradually crowd our precious Lord out of His own churches. This is not to say that the devil overpowered our Lord and forced Him out. Not at all. It does mean, however, that when our Lord quickens His saints and furnishes them with all the armour, instructions, and strength they need to withstand the wiles of the devil He places the responsibility of doing that upon them.

That is why we (the Saints) must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. II Cor. 5:10. After a century of this privilege of telling our Lord's people what to study, and when, let us take a close look and see how well he has succeeded in doing what he wanted to do. Let us, for the sake of your time, skip his trail through the years and pick it up in the year 1964. This trail is so open and so brazen you do not need a trained Indian scout to locate it for you. In John. 3:7 our Lord said to Nicodemus, "Ye must be born again." In Heb. 9:22 we read, "Without the shedding of blood is no remission." In I Pet. 1:18-19 we find that we are redeemed, "With the precious blood of Christ," and in I Cor. 15:3-4 we read, "how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; and that He was

buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures." Now let us pick up old Satan's trail in 1964 and see if that is the way he points out. In the Southern Baptist Sunday School Adult quarterly dealing with the lesson for June 7, 1964, you will find on page 38 these words, "Men will be judged by their lives and will be separated accordingly unto their eternal destiny." You will look at those words in vain for any hint of a "new birth," any faint shadow of Jesus Christ or of His Cross at Calvary, any slight stain of His precious blood, or any brief mention of His marvelous grace. These damnable words were written by

Franklin M. Segler, a professor at Southwestern Baptist Seminary. Many

unsuspecting Baptists feel that their lessons are written by "screened" Baptists.

If that be true, it seems to me that the old devil did the screening in this case. Just one short month later the old devil put his other foot down. And this time it seems that he slipped in his own filth and really left undeniable proof that he had been there. This time his track is seen in the Southern Baptist Young People's Training Union quarterly for July 5, 1964. On page six of this quarterly you will find a long list of books recommended to these Baptist young people by the Sunday School Board. These books were to be read in connection with the different lessons in the quarterly. On page 8 dealing with the lesson for July 5, 1 964 Ross Coggins says, "If someone in your union has read NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME or THE FIRE NEXT TIME or ANOTHER COUNTRY by James Baldwin; THE STRENGTH TO LOVE by Martin Luther King, Jr., or BLACK LIKE ME by John Howard Griffin, ask him to report." By this Ross Coggins meant for some boy in this mixed group to tell what he had read in these books.

Let us just take one of these books, ANOTHER COUNTRY by James Baldwin and examine it closely to see if you would like to have a daughter sit in a union and hear a detailed report given on it. On page 23 and 24 of this book the author describes in detail every step by which a young Negro man enticed a young white woman to commit fornication with him. The author describes in very plain language the act itself, and the results of it. This author, the brazen instrument of hell that he is, has this young white woman saying, "It was so wonderful" and kissing him.

We are told that some of the devil's heathen temples of the long ago had as many as a thousand prostitutes connected with the temple worship. Could it be that he has in mind converting Baptist churches into that kind of worship? If that is his goal, can you think of a better way for him to start his program than that which he did July 5, 1964? He seems to be working overtime in his efforts to convert our precious Baptist girls of today into his religious prostitutes of tomorrow. And what is so serious about the matter is that the parents of these precious girls seem to be sleeping so soundly. Certainly these young people have every right to trust the Sunday School Board, and to follow their suggestions so long as their parents remain quiet and pay their salaries. We need to put the blame for all this right where it belongs, right squarely on the shoulders of daddy and mother - and granddaddy and grandmother. If they are not willing - do not have the intestinal fortitude to do what God's precious Word tells them to do in a case like this, may our dear Lord have mercy on their children and grandchildren.

Someone may be thinking that I am trying to tear up the convention, but I

assure you I have no desire to tear up the convention. I am persuaded that it

will continue to grow and grow and grow. In fact, I am really glad that those who

love all the things that are flourishing in the convention have it to enjoy. It is the

few scattered here and there in the convention whose souls are vexed from day

to day by what they see and hear that I am concerned about along with the

unsuspecting youth who stand to suffer so much.

Lot chose the popularity and honor that Sodom heaped upon him, but what

did he gain by it other than a couple of illegitimate sons by his own daughters

and a couple of heathen nations for his offspring? He enjoyed the popularity

and honor first, then suffered the shame and disgrace. My dear God-fearing

Baptist parents how will it be with you? Will you continue to enjoy the fun and

the fried chicken while your children and grandchildren slip into the filth and

slime that you have ignored? It's up to you. I cannot conceive of a greater insult

that could be thrust in your face than that which the old devil through his very

efficient co-workers in Nashville thrust in your face July 5, 1964. Yes, I have

heard about all that getting in the quarterly by mistake, but I have not found

anyone gullible enough to believe it. Why should we believe it to be an honest

mistake when the "FACTS" show that the Baptist young people were being

prepared to accept this horrible thing during the preceding months? In their

Sunday School quarterly for April May-June 1964 the writer justifies civil strife

on page 34, endorses the Peace Corps, World Health Organization, and

UNICEF on page 40, recommends student exchanges and wheat deals with

communist countries on page 43, supports the UN and urges destruction of

national sovereignty on page 44, and praises the ecumenical movement on

page 50. Then in their training union quarterly for January-February-March

1964 our precious people were told twice on page 50 that the sex act itself is

not wrong. If you want to know where this hellish teaching came from read

pages 9 and 10 of the booklet CALLED TO RESPONSIBLE FREEDOM

published by the communistic, Christ hating, and Bible denying National

Council of Churches. When the Baptist leaders are confronted with this

damnable stuff in the quarterly they tell us that they had the married couples in

mind. That too is so thin God-fearing Baptist parents cannot eat it with a spoon.

Since when did married couples have to be told that the sex act itself is not

wrong? God commanded it in the Old Testament when he told Adam and Eve,

and later Noah and his family to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. He

sanctioned it in the New Testament when He said the marriage bed is

undefiled. Now these Baptist leaders with courage and conviction tell us, in

effect, "the bed is undefiled" and try to make us think they did not have the

single young people in mind. Baptist parents who are dupes enough to believe

all these horrible things are honest mistakes may very well deserve to have

prostitutes for daughters and granddaughters and whoremongers for sons and

grandsons. Our Baptist young people deserve the best, so for the sake of

these young people who think there can be nothing wrong with all this because

"YOU" are giving it your support, why don't you do something about it while you

still have your influence? As you recall, Lot waited until his sons-in-law laughed

in his face when he was finally forced to warn them.

It will do very little good for you to just warn these young people. It has been

well said that what you do sounds so loud I cannot hear what you say. Writing a

letter to headquarters may soothe your conscience, but it won't deliver our

precious youth from the devil's clutches. There is a way, however, and only one

way that you can remove the responsibility of all this from off your shoulders.

Don't let me, or any other man tell you what to do about it. Study your

Scriptures on the subject and then do what you KNOW the Lord wants you to

do. Jer. 5:30 says "A wonderful (an appalling) and horrible thing is committed in

the land." Jer. 51:51 says, "We are confounded, because we have heard

reproach, shame hath covered our faces for strangers are come into the

sanctuaries of the Lord's house." Verse 45 of this same chapter says, "My

people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the

fierce anger of the Lord." II Cor. says, "Wherefore come out from among them,

and be ye separate, saith the Lord." Rev. 18:4 makes it very plain, "And I heard

another voice from Heaven, saying, come out of her my people that ye be not

par-takers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

It won't be easy, but you will be awfully glad you did it when you come to II

Cor. 5:10. "Fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their

revilings," Isa. 51 :7b. May the God of all grace see fit to arouse us to our great

danger before the devil and his leaders succeed in their nefarious undertaking.