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   The Way To Eternal Life by Raul Enyedi  
    What Is The Gospel? by Raul Enyedi  
    A Sword Hanging Over Your Head by Charles H. Spurgeon
    Another Gospel by Arthur W. Pink
    Are You Chopping Off Your Own Limb by Charles H. Spurgeon
    Decisional Regeneration by James E. Adams
    Genuine Saving Faith by Curtis Pugh
    Have You Truly Come To Christ by Arthur W. Pink
    How Christ Saves Sinners by WIlliam Tyndale
    I am Looking For Sinners by Curtis Pugh
    Regeneration And Conversion by J. P. Boyce
    Repent Or Perish - Salvation By God's Sovereign Grace by Rosco Brong
    The Biblical Gospel by Greg Wilson
    The Difference Between The Old And New Gospel by Rolfe Barnard
    The Doctrine Of Falling From Grace by Forrest L. Keener
    The Gospel Of Satan by Arthur W. Pink
    The Loss Of The Soul by Milburn Cockrell
    The Nature Of Christ's Salvation Misrepresented By The Present Day 'Evangelist by Arthur W. Pink
    When Is A Man Righteous In God's Eyes? by Curtis Pugh
    Who Accepts Whom? by Daniel Chamberlin