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      A Short Description Of Historic Baptists by Raul Enyedi 
      Ecclesiology 101 by Curtis Pugh
    10 Bible Proofs Of Baptist Perpetuity by Rosco Brong
    12 Hard Nuts For Universal Church Proponents by Curtis Pugh
    13 Propositions by Edward T. Hiscox
    20 Proofs That The Church Existed Before Pentecost by Greg Wilson
    A Brief History Of The Baptists by Norman H. Wells
    Authority In The Baptism by Rosco Brong
    Baptists Not Protestants by C. C. Carroll
    Christ A Baptist by C. A. Jenkens
    Christian Baptism by J. R. Graves
    Churches Of God by A. W. Pink
    Closed Communion - What We Believe by Cecil Fayard
    Corruptions Of Baptist Polity by Davis Huckabee
    Did Paul Eat The Lord's Supper With The Church At Troas by Curtis Pugh
    Does I Corinthians 12 Mean A Universal Church Or A Local New Testament Church by A. W. Pink
    Infant Baptism by J. Torrey Smith
    Is There Really A Difference In Being A Baptist? by William L. Brown
    Landmarkism: Of Man Or Of God by Rick Purdue
    One Baptism - In Water by Rosco Brong
    Scofield's Untrue 'Church' by S. E. Anderson
    The Baptist Position On The Lord's Supper by Chester E. Tulga
    The John Smyth Dilemma by Aurel Munteanu and Raul Enyedi
    The Need For A Mother Church by Ronnie Wolfe
    The Proper Administrator Of Baptism by Jonathon G. Bow
    The Church Growth Movement & Purpose Driven Church Versus The Bible (Chart) by James Sundquist
    The Invasion Of Protestant Theology by William L. Brown
    The Universal Wife -  Anon.
    Universal Church Heresy by R. K. Maiden
    What About Baptism? by William L. Brown
    What About The Church? by William L. Brown
    When Did The Church Become Universal? by Davis Huckabee
    Why Baptists Practice Closed Communion by Milburn Cockrell